Gourmet Pradakshina
Divinely delicious

Chennai is blessed with a plethora of Temples that has seen the evolution of culture over hundreds of years. All social activities areas including temples were a place for preparation and distribution of food. Each temple has its specialty Prasad .The temples of Chennai have carried with them this tradition and to this day engage in this practice.

The tour begins with an early morning arathi and culminates with putting the deity to sleep in the night after dinner. Choose your time and come join in for your share of the divine blessings. With a captivating story woven into it's making dates back to centuries, thus bringing out the culture, society and practices that prevailed. As is the traditional belief, the "deity" worshiped in the temple is a "living one”. Hence food becomes a natural routine in a temple's daily activity. This totally vegetarian treat not only appeals to your palate but also lends to a divine intervention. The simple and traditional recipes are truly food for the soul.

  • Minimum required attendance :​One
  • Maximum required attendance : ​Five
  • Duration :​ 6-8 hours
  • Transportation :Walk / Chartered Bus / Chartered Car
Day Tour
Trail 1:

Gurudwara, T.Nagar

We start our trail, at a holy place of worship for the Sikhs, tucked away in serene

surroundings, built in 1949. A peek into the Langar Seva.

Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Adayar.

Our next stop is a temple with Kerala Architecture, and divine food offering.

Parthasarathy Temple in Triplicane.

This temple with a striking architecture and unique food offering take away is our next stop.

Kapaleeshwarar Temple in Mylapore.

Our next stop is a must visit hindu temple in a culture rich part of the city.

Trail 2:

Marudeeshwarar Temple in Tiruvanmiyur.

Start the tour at this well known Shiva Temple of the 7th century.

Shirdi Saibaba Temple on ECR.

Our next stop will be a temple dedicated to a well known saint where Annadhanam is a day

long event.

Puri Jaganath Temple on ECR.

An exact replica of the Puri Temple, will be our next stop.

ISKCON temple on ECR.

A temple dedicated to Krishna and Radha, the food in the temple is a total pampering of the


Trail 3:

Hanuman Temple in Nanganallur.

We begin the tour with a vaishnavite temple where the food is offered to the lord at regular


Maangadu Temple in Poonamalle.

Dedicated to goddess a powerful seat of Hinduism, the lunch served here is out donations

from the devotees.

Guruvayurappan Temple in Mahalingapuram.

A temple one cannot miss so distinctly different in architecture and food.

a must visit place.

Tirupathi Balaji Temple in T Nagar.

We culminate our tour here,a temple dedicated to a hindu diety of world repute.