Frequently Asked Questions

The timing for the tours is mentioned when you book your tour. It can be customised to your requirement, please mail us directly for more details
Simple homely traditional not very spicy, sometimes sweet, Indian food mostly cooked in the temple. Usual portion size of 150 gms.
Children below 12 yrs of age are not allowed as some of the tours involve walking around and this may inconvenience them and the rest of the group members. Alternatively a Private Tour can be booked, Please mail us directly for details
Yes you can. Please mail us directly for more details
Some trails cover the local markets which sell interesting unique local wares. We intend to highlight these places and allow you to look around these but may not be able to make it a “ shopping trip”
No, our tours culminate at different points. We will share these details when you book the tours.
This depends on which tour you opt for. We recommend that you do not bring your vehicle as the tour will culminate at a different point and not necessarily where we started.
Yes can carry them, but please be aware that you may have to seek permission or pay a fee to use them in certain places that you will visit.